How Much To Tip Movers.

Do you tip a mover after a move? How much should you tip?

Some say that the tip should be about 5%, which is pretty reasonable—if a crew of two movers move you for $500-$750, you might tip a total of $25 to $40, or $10 to $20 for each mover depending on the quality of the move. Assess how carefully your items were moved into your new home and adjust your tip up or down depending on the level of service you received.

Some people suggest quickly inspecting how carefully items were moved into your new home and determining the tip after that. Other people say they offer the movers cold drinks, especially on a hot day, and a gesture like that can be greatly appreciated.

Usually a crew of 2-4 workers are involved in a move, how should you distribute the tips among the crew, especially if a foreman is in charge of the move? The proper etiquette is to give the tip individually to each mover. If one or two people work especially hard, you can give them a slightly larger tip, but otherwise, the companies suggest splitting the tip equally -- the foremen and more experienced movers are probably already paid more per hour.

What if the bill is $25,000? & 2 people do the whole job in 5 days? i.e. pack, load & deliver from calif to mass

For cross-country moves, the major moving companies we spoke to have said that tipping is not required and is not expected, and is up to the customer. When an employee is relocating for a job and the company is paying for the entire move, the new employer will often instruct the new employee that they're not expected to tip, since it's all been paid for. If the movers do a good job, most moving companies permit their employees to accept tips, and we think anything would be appreciated. Typical ranges run $40-$200 per person for a multi-day move. Because policies vary from firm to firm, for a move of this size, if you intend to tip, we recommend contacting the moving company's main office and asking about their tipping guidelines.

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